Social entrepreneurship in Croatia

Did you know that in Croatia the total number of social enterprises is estimated at 100? Most of them are micro or small enterprises employing only ten or fewer employees, working in the manufacturing business or providing services such as design, catering, and education. On the other hand, altruistic companies that provide support and mentorship to social enterprises are mostly large organisations working in the same business area - manufacturing and providing different services but their products are made in millions and are sold worldwide. Knowing the situation, the CE Responsible project is here to support social enterprises to become recognized and more involved in the corporate community.

Though the number of social enterprises is low, new ones are established each year and there are some amazing examples of their cooperation with successful companies. One of them is a partnership between furniture company IKEA and Croatian social enterprise Fierce Women. Fierce Women created a card game that promotes and celebrates women’s contributions to society. IKEA recognized the value of the initiative and supported the social enterprise by selling the cards in their stores. 

If you are also interested in taking part in this project, feel free to join us, we would be glad to hear from you! Send us an email or a message via our social media channels and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

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