The Culture and Creative Industry (CCI) sector lacks a transnational and cross-sectoral shared vision on what could be its contribution to economic and social growth in central Europe. This goes along with a lack of capacities in CCI for linking up with other industry sectors to foster innovation processes.  

The COCO4CCI project will build capacities for cross-sectoral cooperation in advanced manufacturing (AVM), by creating a transnational CCI collider network. Based on a mapping of CCI potentials and a roadmap, COCO4CCI will develop the collider concept, in which CCI hubs and business support organisations work in tandem, complementing each other with knowledge and experiences from its sector. 

COCO4CCI will train facilitators who will implement an extensive online and face-to-face training programme for CCI in three areas: technology development, future trends and mind-set in advanced manufacturing.  

The project partnership will develop tools to initiate and facilitate cross-sectoral links between CCI and AVM. CCI will participate in different match-making formats with AVM companies, applying open and innovative methods such as design thinking, which will result in cross-sectoral cooperation.


Info Day in Stuttgart, Germany

Creative industry & VR/AR

The event will take place in the framework of the Hightech Summit, a yearly conference bringing together companies and research institutions working in different technology fields in the South-West of Germany. The event will focus on the convergence of creative industry with VR/AR and usability.

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COCO4CCI has 12 project partners from 6 countries

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