Many museums in central Europe encounter difficulties in adapting to the “for all” concept because of a lack of organisational knowledge and of limited financial resources, both for investments and adequate promotion. Cooperating for open access to museums towards a wider inclusion (COME-IN!) tackles this by increasing the capacities of small- and medium-sized museums by making them accessible to a wider public of people with different kinds of disabilities.

COME-IN! will coordinate a multi-faceted network of museums, disability associations, academic representatives, training institutions and policy makers, that will jointly define an innovative strategic approach on how to promote the accessibility to museums - in order to make them more attractive for the public.

Transnational high-level standards will be discussed and established and know-how transfer structured. The COME-IN! guidelines for organising an accessible collection/exhibition and the training handbook for museum operators will be elaborated and tested along its network. Pilot actions and training to operators will be performed and their results in terms of increased visibility studied. Based on the gained experience, an innovative promotional tool, the COME-IN! label for awarding museums complying with its accessibility standards, will be developed and initially conferred to the museums of the network. The COME-IN! label will be promoted at transnational, national and local level, in central Europe and beyond, thus guaranteeing its sustainability and transferability.

COME-IN! First thematic conference:

Inclusive Museums - challenges and solutions

The first thematic conference entitled "Inclusive museums - challenges and solutions" will take place in Udine on November 9th, 2017. The event is organised by the Transport and Spatial Planning Institute of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt and the Archaeo-logical Museum Udine with the aim of exploring the function and opportunities, but also potential limits for the creation of accessible and inclusive museums. Essential questions in this regard are raised and examples of good practice solutions shown, before the COME-IN!-approaches are presented and discussed. Participation at the conference is free of charge and the conference language is English with, a simultaneous translation to Italian.

We look forward to welcoming you to the conferencand kindly ask you to register by sending an email with your contact details to
or a fax to 0049 / 361 / 6700 - 757.

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