Inauguration of the new accessible exhibition of the Archeological Museum of Krakow

On 12 March,  we inaugurated the new exhibition of the Archeological Museum of Krakow “Prehistory for all”, which has undertaken works to make its museum more accessible.

For the occasion, twelve replicas of objects from the Prehistorical period have been created with the same raw material as the original to “allow every visitor to make a journey into the past by touching them” – as the Director of the Archeological Museum Jacek Gorski said. The curator of the Małopolska Prehistory Department Małgorzata Wawer gave emphasis to the new Museum website, which will provide audio descriptions, a video in sign language and a simplified version of the descriptions of the objects in Polish and in English with a view to making archeology understandable and accessible to a wider audience.

By the end of April, the Museum will expand its collection of tactile replicas and add four mannequins representing the Neanderthal man.  Visitors will be able to dress them up with the copies of the costumes, ornaments and weapons that will be available.

The works have been carried through COME-IN! allowing the Museum to reach a new level of accessibility, adapting the existing offer to persons with visual and hearing impairments. The launch event received highly positive support and feedback from the participants, especially from associations with persons with disabilities.

The Archeological Museum of Krakow was the last out of the six partner Museums of the COME-IN! Consortium to launch its accessible exhibition based on the application of the COME-IN! Guidelines. Coming to an end, the partners are now preparing a label that will be attributed to the museums that apply the COME-IN! guidelines, at the final conference in Brussels in September 2019.