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Core MAster Training in Milan

The Core Master Training was organised in Milano by Poliedra, CWC Project Partner, on November 19-20, 2019.

It was a 1.5 day long interactive training session providing essential knowledge on circular urban water management, held for CWC Project Partners, Associated Partners and Stakeholder Advisory Panel members.

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Busy November in Turin

Diverse group of participants,  active stakeholders and good ideas: this was the first Stakeholder Group Meeting of the City Water Circles project in Turin. 

The FUA Level Meeting was held on November 25th, 2019.

Stakeholder Meeting in Turin


local icebreaking campaigns in action

One of the first action of the City Water Circles project is the icebreaking campaign, harmonized and running parallel in the functional urban areas of the project.

The campain has twin aims: it brings in focus the necessity of new ways in urban water management and it helps the public perception survey on the water useage and attitudes of the local citizens. 


thematic meeting and master training in milan

The first thematic partner meeting of the City Water Circles project will be held in 19-21 November in Milan. 

The meeting includes the Core Master Training organized for specific experts of the partner countries.

Knowledge transfer

The training provides essential informaiton on circular urban water management. 

After participation on the training, members of the master group will transfer and disseminate the knowledge to the selected target group in their functional urban area. 

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Project Partners

City Water Circles project has 11 partners from 6 central European countries

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Innovative urban strategies

Climate change induced hydrological risks are making central European cities increasingly vulnerable against urban floods and at the same time make the water scarcity problem worse. Coupled with growing drinking water consumption and consequently rising amounts of wastewater to be treated, this threatens the safety of future water supplies.

The CWC project aims to help municipalities to reform outdated urban water infrastructure systems via applying a circular economy approach, which offers many economic and environmental benefits. This will be achieved by the project by promoting a water saving culture, including the use of non-conventional water resources and by taking the lead in adopting urban rainwater harvesting and utilisation as well as greywater recovery measures on city level.

The partners join forces to create a knowledge base for urban circular water management. This will be made available as digital learning resources for all willing to learn more about the topic. The partners will also co-develop with local stakeholders a set of innovative methods and tools (cutting-edge technological and nature-based solutions, smart governance tools exploring novel cooperation and financing schemes) usable all around central Europe.