Climate change is expected to affect central Europe considerably in the near future, with predicted increases of rains leading to hectic variations in the discharge of rivers and negative effects on the availability of water resources that potentially increase user conflicts. There is an urgent call for groundwater recharge through managed aquifer recharge schemes (MAR). This is a viable approach for collecting excess surface water and precipitation in periods characterised by water abundance, and storing it for dry times in underground aquifers. However, implementation of these schemes in central Europe is scarce.

The DEEPWATER-CE project aims to develop integrated environmental management capacities of responsible public actors so that they become able to plan water resources and adopt managed aquifer recharge schemes in central European countries as a solution to climate change induced water scarcity.

This comprehensive approach to water planning and management will encompass ecological, social, and economic objectives ensuring preparedness for water shortage periods and potential user conflicts.

More information will follow soon.