Have you ever wondered where the water in your tap comes from?

Did you know that good quality water resources are constantly decreasing due to climate changes and user conflicts?

 The depletion of drinking water resources is a tremendous problem almost everywhere in the world. 

At the same time, there are more and more frequent heavy rains and floods, bringing huge amounts of water that we do not store.

Eight DEEPWATER-CE partners are working together to build a joint water resource management strategy, including retention of excess water from periods of heavy rainfall that can be used to recharge groundwater.

As part of the DEEPWATER-CE project, pilot studies will be carried out in four countries (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia)  to examine available managed aquifer recharge solutions to develop the best methods and guidelines for Central Europe and the rest of the world.

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Development of a transnational knowledge base on the applicability of MAR in CE

  • involvement of stakeholders on  national and transnational level
  • collection of good practices and benchmark analysis of  existing MAR solutions
  • trainings for stakeholders via Webinars


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Development of a transnational assessment methodology for decision-making on MAR locations in CE

  • determination of the most appropriate sites in CE for the location of MAR
  • selection of areas that will be mostly affected by climate change and where MAR could be more needed
  • development of a common decision supporting tool for MAR sites location

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