In the scope of the project 7 tools for municipal staff, urban planners, lighting designers and other interested groups will be developed. The manuals can be used as tools to assess lighting situations and to use the most appropriate technology under consideration of the social demands at different location scenarios. The other tools address factors for the transition to dynamic lighting technology such as strategic embedding, securing financing and training municipal staff.  

Delivery date                 Tool

May 2019                         Dynamic Light: Towards Dynamic, Intelligent and Energy Efficient Public Lighting, 
                                           Project Overview and Pilot actions

Nov 2017                          Manual on dynamic lighting and social needs

Mar 2018                          Manual on transferable technical solutions

Nov 2017                          GIS-databases for municipalities

Dec 2018                           Guidelines for urban planners

Oct 2017                           Guidelines on finding suitable financial model

Dec 2018                           Course curricula and training materials

Jul 2018                             Handbook about interpretation of EN13201