More than 63% of commuters in central Europe are using public transport. Measures to increase the energy efficiency and share of renewables in public transport infrastructure can thus have a particularly high impact on reducing CO2. With energy prices going up continuously, investing in smarter and more flexible energy systems including energy storage solutions can be a solution in significantly cutting the costs.

The EfficienceCE projects helps local authorities to reduce CO2 emissions and integrate renewables in their public infrastructure by developing planning and financing strategies and by assisting in their deployment. 

To achieve this goal, the project will aim at the sustainable provision of energy, by integration of renewables into public transport infrastructure and support for decentralized energy production. It will also encourage the efficient use of energy in public transport infrastructure, by enabling multipurpose usage of the existing public transport energy grids, improving energy management and storage systems through smarter infrastructure, and by advancing data-based infrastructure planning. Last but not least, the project will build capacity and raise awareness on energy management, by developing tools and trainings for authorities and public transport companies to plan and operate low-carbon infrastructure, and by transferring knowledge and best practices on energy-efficient measures across central European regions. 

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The EfficienCE Project brings together 12 partners from 7 Central European Countries.