EfficienCE is a cooperation project funded by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE programme that aims at reducing the carbon footprint in the region. Most Central European cities have extensive public transport systems, which can form the basis of low-carbon mobility services. More than 63% of commuters in the region are using public transport. Measures to increase the energy efficiency and share of renewables in public transport infrastructure can thus have a particularly high impact on reducing CO2.

This is achieved by supporting local authorities, public transport authorities and operators by developing planning and financing strategies and action plans, implementing pilot actions, developing tools and trainings to plan and operate low-carbon infrastructure, and by transferring knowledge and best practices on energy-efficient measures across Central European regions.

Twelve partners, including seven public transport authorities/companies from seven countries are working together for three years to exploit the untapped potentials in this sector and to contribute to the EU’s ‘White Paper’ goals to cut transport emissions by 60 percent by 2050 and to halve the use of ‘conventionally fuelled’ cars in urban transport by 2030.

Transnational Webinar on Storage Solutions for Energy Efficient PT Network

28 June, 2022

The EfficienCE project is coming to an end, and we would like to present our results on storage solutions to increase energy-efficiency in the public transport network! Energy storage solutions  enable the use of renewable energy sources and increase energy efficiency in PT operations. Experts within the EfficienCE project share their experiences based on their pilots, and throw light on innovations/strategies that support increasing the energy efficiency. A guest speaker from UITP will complement the webinar, contributing on how UITP advances electrification in public transport. The event will take place on 28 June. 

Preliminary agenda is available HERE

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Transnational Webinar on Energy Management in PT Network

29 June, 2022

The EfficienCE project is coming to an end. Join the transnational webinar on energy management to learn from our experiences in developing and testing innovative solutions in the energy management in an electrified PT network including trams, e-buses and trolley buses - required for energy-efficient PT operations. Experts within EfficienCE share their experience and throw light on innovations/strategies that support increasing the energy efficiency.  The event will take place on 29 June. 

Preliminary agenda is available HERE

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EfficienCE Final Conference was held in Leipzig

After 3.5 years of successful cooperation, the final conference of the long-term project EfficienCE with 12 project partners from seven Central and Eastern European countries took place on June 10, 2022, in the Design Offices in Leipzig. 



Take a virtual site visit to our pilot areas

A key part of the project is the pilot application of novel energy saving technologies in public transport infrastructure. Read about our pilots and watch the videos about the implementation processes. 



Online Event about the implementation of the EfficienCE pilots

We invite you to join our two online events where the implementation process of our pilots will be introduced and participants can also ask questions from the experts.



Register for the efficience final conference

We are pleased to invite you to our EfficienCE final conference, taking place in Leipzig June 10, 2022, where we will present you our project results. 



Plans for more green energy in the trolleybus grid in Gdynia

To increase the share of renewable energy in PKT grid the investment still awaiting implementation is a photovoltaic power plant to be placed on the roofed parking spaces of the trolleybus depot.



Open Call to hardware and solutions providers to present their products on the EfficienCE Toolkit marketplace

An open marketplace, fostering the exchange of new technologies and pieces of equipment, was prepared within the EfficienCE project.



Magyar CIVINET and INTERREG EfficienCE joint event on electromobility

On 24 March 2022, Magyar CIVINET and the INTERREG CE EfficienCE project held a joint on-site meeting in Pécs (Hungary). The one-day event titled „The new directions in electromobility” ended with a site visit to the bus depot.



E-course on energy-efficient Public Transport infrastructure technologies deployment

The project is organising an online course on energy-efficient public transport infrastructure technologies deployment. E-course registration is available here.



Application of Traction Supply System for Charging Electric Cars

The development of electromobility involves the development of electric cars charging infrastructure. The analysis, prepared by the colleagues of Gdansk University of Technology, discusses four options of integrating electric cars chargers with a traction power supply system.



Compensation of Voltage Drops in Trolleybus Supply System Using Battery-Based Buffer Station

An analysis was prepared about the results of a trial operation of a battery-based buffer station supporting a selected section of trolleybus power supply systems in Pilsen. 


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The EfficienCE Project brings together 12 partners from 7 Central European Countries.

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