5th Slovenian Geological Congress in Velenje

3. - 5. 10.2018

5th Slovenian geological Congress has been organised by the Geological Survey of Slovenia (GeoZS) and the Slovenian Geological Society (SGD) with partners: Velenje Coal Mine (PV), Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering (FGG), Slovenian Mining Association of Engineers and Technicians (SRDIT), International Association of Hydrogeologists - Slovene Committee (SKIAH), and Municipality of Velenje (MOV).

Congress has, apart from exchanging new research results, also focused on the importance of geoscience for the wider society and its development. It has successfully fostered dialogue between more than 200 scientists and professional geologists on the one hand, and end users of results on the other hand.

Another goal of the Congress has been to increase the visibility of geology as a basic natural science, and the cornerstone of all activities related to the management, supervision and planning of sustainable development also with assessing the geothermal potential for planning the use of geothermal energy. Therefore GeoPLASMA-CE has been presented by Mitja Janža in the lecture ‘’Assessment of shallow geothermal potential in the area of the City Municipality of Ljubljana’’ and the poster on the topic of ‘’Impact of groundwater chemistry on the operation of heat pumps, case study of the City Municipality of Ljubljana’’ has been presented by Katja Koren. GeoPLASMA-CE promotional video has been screened on the TV during the whole event in the venue lobby.

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