Kick-Off Meeting in Strasbourg


The Kick-Off Meeting for GeoPLASMA-CE took place on September 21, 2016 as a side event of the European Geothermal Conference in Strasbourg. The meeting addressed project partners as well as stakeholders and the interested public. It aimed to put the project on track and intended to give stakeholders the opportunity to express their ideas and needs to the project team.

Stakeholders and the interested public were invited to participate in the open session, which followed the internal part concerning further proceedings in the project. Project Coordinator Mr. Gregor Götzl from the Geological Survey of Austria introduced the project GeoPLASMA-CE and its objective to explore new management strategies for a reasonable and sustainable use of shallow geothermal application in 6 different pilot areas located in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Slovenia. The representatives of each partner institution from these countries explained their motivations and expectations as well as their experience and role within the project. The motivations vary from gaining fundamental knowledge about shallow geothermal use to planning strategies, as well as innovative management strategies for local and transnational geothermal projects.


Introduction of the project

Gregor Goetzl

Project Coordinator Mr. Gregor Götzl

Group Picture

All partners at the Kick-Off Meeting in Strasbourg