Natural deposits of mineral waters and hot springs are well known in central Europe. Their healing power is widely used and they are important drivers of local and regional economies in health care, wellness and tourism sectors. However, a common challenge is the sustainable management of mineral and thermal waters which on one hand are a basis for the existence of spas and on the other hand are a subject of various threats and pressures related to economic and urban development, mass tourism and careless sector policies.

The Healing Places project aims at a more sustainable development of spas by protecting the unique resources that constitute their basis. The partners will extend knowledge and awareness regarding the influence of various factors on underground water deposits by building multi-level and multi-territorial governance models of managing natural spa resources. A crucial element of the project will be the construction of common, innovative and web-based tool for the assessment of threats and pressures on mineral and hot water deposits.

HealingPlaces main objective is to improve current management practices of mineral & hot water and other valuable natural resources at SPAs.

HealingPlaces activities are grouped around 3 main themes: one is dedicated to environmental mapping and assessment, the second main theme covers the so-called pilot actions testing the newly developed solutions while the third one deals with the development of a common strategy for sustainable SPAs.

Joint methodologies are prepared to answer the following questions: What is the significance of SPAs in the regions concerned? What kind of environmental and socio-economic situation defines their role? And at the same time, what type of pressures threatens the valuable natural resources providing the SPA assets? This well-structured assessment process is strengthened by GIS sources helping the visibility of what we have and what we need to protect our values. In order to walk along the same path, partners are regularly trained to improve skills and competences. And last but not least, a widely applicable, easy-to-use computer tool is developed for the impact & environmental capacity assessment of further development of SPAs.

Using the results of the above activities, pilot actions are implemented; this helps the practical implementation of sustainable thermal water use in SPAs, ensuring the effective and rational use of identified resources, the protection of ecosystems while realizing social and economic functions.

For this purpose, different pilot actions are to be realized by partner regions and the various experiences gained will affect the upcoming step of the project process -, the creation of the joint strategy for sustainable SPA management. This document, the Integrated Strategy for sustainable management of SPAs’ most valuable natural resources, will serve as the core basis for partner regions to formulate their own regional sustainability plans to pave the way towards Central-European SPAs being in balance with nature, economy and our common future.



HealingPlaces Webinars

HealingPlaces project would like to invite you for 3 webinars where experiences from 8 Central European regions will be presented. The topics will cover:
- rising to challenges in planning and management of SPA areas, related to hydrogeology, environmental protection, sustainable mobility, tourism destination management, energetic and climate questions as well as landscape architecture
- best practices and strategies to manage spas natural resources in a sustainable way
- experiences from building the tools for integrated assessment of present-day and expected threats and pressures on mineral and thermal water resources in health resorts.

More information here.


registration open to healingplaces Final conference

On 9th and 10th June 2022, an international conference will be held to summarize the result of the HealingPlaces project.

The event will take place in Wroclaw, the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, and in Cieplice Śląskie Zdrój, a beautiful spa district of Jelenia Góra town. The conference is planned in a hybrid formula, to offer a possibility of active participation for those who cannot visit Wroclaw personally.

More information here. 


working meeting focusing on the natural healing resources of SPAs from the Jeseniky region, CZ.

Project partner Mendel University togther with Jeseníky - Tourism Association are inviting you to a working meeting focusing on the natural healing resources of SPAs from the Jeseniky region.

More information about the event here.



Project partner Razvojni center Novo mesto d. o. o. organizes the Conference on on Tuesday, February 2nd, and Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021, beginning at 9 a.m. via the Microsoft Teams web application.

More information about the event here.



Study Visit in Acqui Terme, Italian pilot area of HealingPlaces 

On 29 March the Municipality of Acqui Terme (pilot area of HealingPlaces) and LAMORO Development Agency, have  hosted a delegation from Upper Adriatic Technology Park Andrea Galvani SCPA and the Management body of homogeneous hydrominerary basin of Euganean Hills. That was the occasion to boost further synergies and cooperation between two important SPAs areas in Italy by extending the process of mutual learning and the exchanging of knowledge and good practices.

More information about the study visit here.


regional workshop organized online by the Institute for Territorial Development took place in Poland

During the workshop project partner Institute for Territorial Development (IRT) and lead partner Central Mining Institute (GIG) and stakeholders from various environments (e.g. scientists, subject experts, local government, and health resort authorities) were discussing the Integrated Action Plan for Spas in Lower Silesia.

More information about the workshop here.



Razvojni center Novo mesto published a book "Zbornik prispevkov regijske konference PRIHODNOST ZDRAVILIŠKIH MEST IN REGIJ: NAČRTOVANJE IN UPRAVLJANJE Z ZDRAVILIŠKIMI OBMOČJI"

On 2nd and 3rd of February Razvojni center Novo mesto organized a two-day regional conference about the future of spa resorts and regions, which was held online due to the epidemiological situation. This collection presents summaries and some written contributions of the authors of the conference and will contribute to the preservation and strengthening of knowledge about spa resorts and regions and sustainable development. 


 Two regional workshops focused on “Spatial development and land use vs. potential threats to the mineral and thermal water  resources in the Polish health resorts”

The events were held on 23rd and 24th of September in Lądek-Zdrój and Polanica-Zdrój. These two SPA municipalities are Polish pilot actions areas under the HealingPlaces project.


“Green and sustainable SPAs“

Project partner City of Križevci has hosted 1st Regional ECO-SPA conference on September 8th, 2021. – as an whole-day event, at the conference hall in Terme Sveti Martin. This event brought together representatives from local governments and enterprises in the SPA industry and business, but also a representative from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism and Sport of the Republic of Croatia. The event aimed at encouraging brainstorming and discussion about the thermal waters, involving scientists, academics, professionals, policy makers and the business world of SPAs in NW Croatia. More info about the event here.



Between 22nd and 25th of July, the Salzburg Institute for Regional Planning and Housing – SIR hosted a seminar to strengthen the skills of young spatial planners in the field of open space planning as part of the OpenSpaceAlps project, which is supported by the Interreg Alpine Space Programme. The seminar was also attended by a representative of HealingPlaces project partner Razvojni center Novo mesto which is a regional development agency in Jugovzhodna Slovenija.


 HealingPlaces project  at the General Meeting of the Jeseníky Mountains - Tourism Association

HealingPlaces project took part in the general meeting of the Jeseníky Mountains Tourism Association (associated partner in the project) which was followed by a round table meeting: "MUNICIPALITIES AND SPA JESENÍKŮ".



On 14th, 15th and 16th of June 2021 Razvojni center Novo mesto as HealingPlaces project partner organised a site-visit for project consortium and regional stakeholders in region Jugovzhodna Slovenija. The event was also an opportunity to host the third part of partners meeting and to discuss with wider audience about management issues in spa areas in Slovenia and Central Europe. The event organised in hybrid form with participants present on site and online. The event’s programme was focused on presentation of HealingPlaces project activities in pilot region Jugovzhodna Slovenija with emphasis on locations Dolenjske Toplice, Novo mesto, Otočec, Šmarješke Toplice and Klevevž which are characterised by spa resources.  


 “Thermal water – yesterday, today, tomorrow” - International expert meeting in Varaždinske Toplice, Slovenia

The meeting was held in the unique ambience of the Roman basilica at the archaeological site Aquae Iasae in Varaždinske Toplice. The meeting gathered both national and foreign experts in the fields of archaeology, geology and engineering who presented their recent research, especially in time of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

More information about the meeting here.


5th Partners' meeting of healingplaces project

On 12th of April HealingPlaces project partners met on the 5th partners meeting to discuss and reflect on the project activities which are bringing HealingPlaces to an end. The meeting was hosted by partners from Novo mesto (Razvojni center Novo mesto) and organised online due to the epidemiological situation. 



The registration to the first Geothermal-DHC summer school “Coupling technologies to use low and medium depth hydrogeothermal energy” is now open!

HealingPlaces project is strongly related to hydrogeothermal energy so exchanging knowledge between different spheres such as geophysics, hydrogeology, environmental engeneering is of utmost importance. The 8-day summer school "Coupling technologies to use low and medium depth hydrogeothermal energy« will be held between 9 and 16 July 2021 in Slovenia and Croatia.


1st Meeting of the Regional Working Group for Sustainable Management of Healing Waters in Lower Silesia Health Resorts

On March 31, 2021 the 1st Meeting of the Regional Working Group for Sustainable Management of Healing Waters in Lower Silesian Health Resorts was held. It was organised, on-line, by project partner Institute for Territorial Development with the help of the Central Mining Institute, lead partner of the project. The meeting was attended by 9 external experts from regional scientific institutions and public administration, specializing on various issues related to mineral and thermal waters


Working meeting focusing on the natural healing resources of SPAs from the Jeseníky region, CZ

On 12.03.2021 Mendel University and Jeseníky - Tourism Association organized a working meeting focusing on the natural healing resources of SPAs from the Jeseníky region titled "PŘÍRODNÍ LÉČIVÉ ZDROJE LÁZNÍ JESENÍKŮ“ via ZOOM. 

Topics discussed were: The natural healing resources of the Jeseníky spas are an important phenomenon in Central Europe, which deserves special protection and use with respect to the principles of sustainability, Who and how uses, protects or potentially threatens these natural healing resources and How to improve their protection and at the same time not limit the developing tourism?


Focus on nature-oriented, sustainable spa developments in eastern hungary

On March 9, the Eastern Hungary Green Spa Network, hosted by the Hajdú-Bihar County Government and the BORA 94 Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Development Agency, held its first preparatory round table discussion. The participants were the head of the spas of the two counties, the mayors of the spa towns and the heads of the competent departments of the higher education institutions. 


Energy transition in Križevci meeting

On 17th February City of Križevci organized a meeting with representatives of the North-West Regional Energy Agency, Green Energy Cooperative and local energy cooperative, established by the citizens (Križevci Laboratory for Climate and Innovation). 


Regional conference on the potential of spa cities and regions in Slovenia

On Tuesday, 2 February and Wednesday, 3 February 2021, Razvojni center Novo mesto organized a two-day regional conference on health resorts and regions, which was held online due to the epidemiological situation.


HealingPlaces on BLUE WEBINAR SEALOGY Digital Preview, supported by the European Commission

On 20 November 2020 Technology Park of Pordenone SCPA and LAMORO Development Agency took part in the meeting on-line dedicated to the theme of awareness in water management.


live-streamed on-site walk in pilot site – Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia.

On Thursday, 12th of November 2020, project partner City of Križevci together with Associated partner LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin, have organized a live-streamed on-site walk in pilot site – Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia. 


Project partner City of Križevci has organized first Regional Working Group on Wednesday, 11.11.2020.

During the meeting the role of Regional Working Group within the project task Integrated Strategy for sustainable management of SPAs natural resources was explained and there was a discussion on reports that were made within the project by Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar as they have shown some good and some bad sides in environmental issues in SPAs and its municipalities, good examples are Sveti Martin na Muri and Stubičke Toplice municipalities with highest level of sewage network and biological purifiers of the waste water.


HealingPlaces project presented during the conference "Common resources for common development, Cooperation of municipalities and spa companies"

The event was organized within the framework of Spa 4 Development project. Participants of the conference were local governments from SPA communities, representatives of SPA companies and representatives of the scientific world from the Polish-Czech borderland.

Check out the videos about the project on our Youtube channel.


Issue #5 is out!

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Issue #6 is out

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