LOW-CARB is a transnational project in Central Europe increasing the planning capacities of organisations and city governments to transition to low-carbon mobility and transportation. It is tackling burning issues of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning such as integrating low-carbon mobility measures for users, creating institutional cooperation and fostering joint financing, as well as facilitating Functional Urban Areas with creating action plans that make low-carbon transit and travel a reality. 


LOW-CARB will reduce CO2 emissions by almost 60 000 tons by 2020 in the Central European Region! Strategies, action plans, tools and innovative pilot actions will reflect the main challenges and new trends of clean mass public transport. Such themes include open data-based mobility planning, integrated mobility platforms and implementation of new low-carbon technologies.


1. Learn all about Low-Carbon mobility in our NEW webinar series! NB: 30 March 2020!

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2. LOW CARB'S Follower City Programme has kicked-off!

Follower City Programme Timetable

Interested in learning about low carbon mobility?! Could your city benefit from applying the teachings of LOW CARB’s lessons?
Then please join our follower cities participating in the following thought-provoking and hands-on events.
Please note that the programme was recently updated on 23 March 2020.

3. Join us for our final conference and learn what LOW-CARB has achieved.

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Sign our non-binding declaration of transitioning to low carbon mobility measures,
and join prominent agents of change in our Hall of Fame.

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Discover more about the LOW-CARB project with this pint-sized flyer entitled 'MAKING IT COUNT.' 

Dec. 2017: The ‘LOW-CARB’ Declaration represents a voluntary statement to embrace the project's objectives. Learn more via the 'Hall of Fame' here, and via our first press release here.

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