Managing Green Infrastructure in Central European Landscapes

MaGICLandscapes introduces to the green infrastructure concept and its benefits. In close cooperation with local stakeholders the project partners elaborate strategies and action plans for enhancing the existing  green infrastructure resource in Central Europe. The project promotes sustainable land-use by providing land managers, policy makers and communities with tools and knowledge. This will help them to assess green infrastructure planning and conservation approaches, also taking into account the transnational level and ensuring that mismatched management approaches are reduced.


Case study areas



Transnational Framework of Green Infrastructure Assessment

  • Discover assessment needs in central Europe 
  • Transnational assessment of green infrastructure

Work Package 2

Green Infrastructure Functionality Assessment

  • Develop methods of assessing green infrastructure functionality and ecosystem services
  • Testing of methods in the nine case study areas 

Work package 3

Strategies for Intervention at European, Regional and Local Level

  • Develop local green infrastructure strategy/action plans
  • Training events in the use of the (planning) tools created for an improved green infrastructure

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Project Duration

Start Date

1st July 2017

End Date

31st October 2020