'Ljudska univerza Velenje'

Renovation of a longlife learning association building in Velenje

'Ljudska univerza Velenje' building

'Ljudska univerza Velenje' building

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The nZEB pilot action within the eCentral project will include energy renovation of the building used by University for lifelong learning (Ljudska univerza Velenje) and testing of the crowdfunding approach for fundraising additional private funds for the whole investment.
The selected building has significant historical, cultural and social value for the local community. It was built in 1959 and beside occasional renovations, shows low energy efficiency and it is far from nZEB status. 


According to the national action plan for nearly-zero energy buildings (AN sNES) for a building (valid for energy renovation of non-residential buildings) to be considered nZEB it must meet a threshold of 65 kWh/m2a along with a RER (renewable energy ratio) of 50%. The renovation would have to target an ambitious 65% of energy reduction compared to the current status, while the second condition is met as the building secures more than 50% from a highly efficient district heating system. To specify the investment, primarily a detailed energy audit would be required
After implementing proposed measures based on the feasibility study, the building will be under nZEB threshold, with energy consumption 58,5 kWh/m2 per year and cost saving of 4.673 EUR per year. 


Part of the calculated investment cost of 58.000 EUR are going to be covered by the project. The rest of 45.245 EUR will be fundraised by using combined crowdfunding approach: a crowdfunding campaign on a platform and traditional campaign collecting contributions as donations and sponsorships. The ESCO approach will be considered as a reserve option.