STREFOWA- Strategies to Reduce Food Waste in Central Europe

By focusing on reducing food waste we will contribute to making selected cities in Central Europe more sustainable places for all social groups. Building on previous EU projects on food waste this project aims to implement best food waste practices in Central Europe and provide a better overview of facts, best practices and initiatives for Europe. 

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In this STREFOWA project we aim to reduce and management food waste in Central Europe, the participating countries are Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary and Poland. Together we reports the current knowledge on food waste amounts in the five selected countries as well as the quantities of food waste that are prevented by the currently existing best practices in food waste prevention activities/initiatives.

Food Waste Hackathon Vienna

The last weekend of November 2016 48 participants developed ideas to reduce food waste in households and on farms. Click here to find the ideas and the presented solutions. 4 more Food Waste Hackathons will be organized in Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. To take part or find out more about them, please sign up for the newsletter here

Partners from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Poland will work for 3 years to add all their knowledge in an interactive online tool that will provide useful tips and strategies for everyone, who wants to help reduce food waste.

Project partners

University of Natural resources and life sciences- AUSTRIA leadpartner 

ATM (waste management association mid tyrol) - Austria

Square Bracket- Austria


bay zoltan non-profit ltd for applied research - hungary 

wroclaw university of enviromental and life sciences- poland

federation of polish food banks- poland

lamoro(Langhe monferrato roero development agency)- italy

Glopolis p.s.c. - Czech republic

Province of rimini - italy

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