Transport is the second largest energy-consuming sector, with a 32 % of share of final energy consumption.  The European Commission has set the ambitious goal of CO2-free city logistics by 2030. This does not only call for public policy actions, but for a shift in the paradigm of policies. 82% of Europeans will live in cities by 2050, therefore urban freight issues need to be tackled in the perspective of functional urban areas (FUAs), taking into consideration the functional transport and economic relations between inner urban centres and the surrounding urban territories. This is how policies will achieve impacts through territorial and economic development of central European urban areas. 

SULPITER will support policy makers in improving their understanding of FUAs freight phenomena in an energy and environmental perspective.

The project will enhance their capacity in urban freight mobility planning in order to develop and adopt sustainable urban logistics plans (SULPs). Policy makers in Bologna, Budapest, Poznan, Brescia, Stuttgart, Maribor and Rijeka will engage, in cooperation with further local, regional and national non-partner authorities and with technical partners.

They will work on transnational policy capacity building, and on the development of transnational analytical and governance tools, resulting in improved and adopted policies for the future energy and environmental sustainability of freight transport in central European FUAs.

call open: sulpIter enlarged transfer programme

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  • What is it about?

The SULPiTER Enlarged Transfer Programme (ETP) aims to identify and develop a direct dialogue with at least 20 non partner authorities mainly from the Central Europe Programme Area, competent for freight transport and logistics in Functional Urban Areas (FUAs) and involve them in a training programme to improve their understanding and skills in policy making for urban energy efficient freight in a mutual learning process.

What are the benefits for participants?
The Enlarged Transfer Programme will be implemented between January 2018 and February 2019 by organising three training sessions, two by webinar and one as a physical meeting, which will take place back-to-back with the final project meeting in Bologna.
ETP participants will be able to benefit from the experience of the SULPiTER FUAs representatives having implemented their own SULPs and from the support of technical experts.
Special attention will be paid to matching the respective ETP cities’ key areas of interest with similar and relevant activities in the SULPiTER cities, so that the assistance offered can be even more targeted.

Who can apply?


Research organization sare entitled to apply as well: they must prove the influence with one of the institutions categorized above by providing a Letter of Support (LoS) signed by the relevant Institution.

How to apply
If you are interested and you look for opportunities to increase your knowledge and operational capacities towards SULP development, please apply online at the following URL:
The deadline for applying is extended to October 15th.

In case of research organizations, letters of support should be sent within the same deadline to 

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