The promotion of climate change adaptation and the protection of the environment are important challenges in central Europe. With its manifold ecosystem services, forests in the programme area are not only valuable reserves of biodiversity and pristine landscapes for recreation, but also provide renewable resources, bioenergy and offer employment in rural areas. Through climate change, many forests are highly endangered. The high speed of change makes natural adjustment of ecosystems impossible. 

Planting alternative tree species and utilising the tree species’ intrinsic adaptive capacity are considered to be the most promising adaptation strategy. In central Europe approximately 900 million seedlings of major tree species are being planted annually and would offer a unique opportunity to promote climate change adaptation. However, the utilisation of forest seeds and seedlings is mainly regulated on the national level without considering climate change and certain countries even prohibit transnational seed transfer. 

Thus, present policy and regeneration practise prevent climate change adaptation resulting in lower stability and productivity of future forests. Because all countries in central Europe are too restricted in size to handle the expected shift of climate and the necessary transfer of seed material, transnational cooperation is urgently required.

The main objective of SUSTREE is the promotion of climate change adaptation of forest ecosystems by fostering and enabling transnational adaptive management of forest genetic resources. Based on only nationally available knowledge of tree species distribution and adaptive capacity, SUSTREE results in harmonised maps and guidelines for transnational seed transfer in central Europe and in common access to the national registers of forest reproductive material. Pilot applications in state forest enterprises will document the usability of the introduced tools for forest and natural resource managers as well as for policy makers and public bodies responsible for restoration and forest reforestation schemes.

Major Project Deliverables (2016-2019)

1. SUSTREE Documentary movie " Borderless Forests" on Climate Change adapatation and     assisted migration,  premiered in Svetozor Cinema in Prague on March 28th 2019 . Youtube   link here:                                                                                          

Borderless Forests

2. SUSTREE  decision suport tool , a Smartphone App. called  "SUSselect" is in progress. Preview in link  here    




Start Date

o1 08 2016

End Date

31 07 2019