The border area between Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland is characterised by a low level of transnational cooperation between science and industry. Thus, the most important aim of TRANS³Net is to shape conditions for building up a well working innovation system in this tri-national region. This objective will be realised by establishing strong ties and a self-sustaining cooperation between ‘transfer promotors’ and further actors of the scientific, economic and public sphere. By involving all key players relevant for knowledge and technology transfer, the project will provide a solution to overcome the multifaceted obstacles concerning transnational cooperation between science and industry. This will contribute on one hand to the success of single economic and research entities, thus, to the economic and social prosperity in the defined area and, in consequence to the improvement of quality of life there. On the other hand, the project will provide a solution which is transferable to other regions and could indeed improve the innovation capacity in all of central Europe. 

Thereby, the establishment of a common understanding of the transfer process (reference model) as well as an analysis of the current transfer situation will be the decisive basis to provide the targeted transparency of national structures, legal arrangements, and innovation-relevant players.

The formation of trustful linkages between these innovation-relevant players will be promoted through piloting various low-threshold event formats. A catalogue with manuals of such transferable pilot actions is provided. Besides a strategy as working basis for a transnational network, a cooperation network model to ensure its continuation is developed. Finally, the project intends to create an agreement between network members as basis for sustainability.

Project´s objective:

Project´s objective

Project´s way of implementation:


Project events

Different event formats were tested during the course of the project. 
The issue was how effective they were in supporting the transfer of science to business.
A special focus was on the transnational implementation of transfer events. The following event formats were tested:

  • TRANS³
  • TRANS³Net.dialogue
  • TRANS³Net.visit
  • TRANS³

Reports from the events and experiences from the implementation can be found here.

current events

Closing conference

on June 18, 2019 in Usti nad Labem, Czechia


to the Event calendar of TRANS³Net 

Project Partners


Output 1

Reference model of transfer

TRANS³Net project team developed a common understanding of transfer process which flew in a reference model of  transfer. This forms the basis of all works done by TRANS³Net.

In a second working step the project team performed a SWOT-analysis to the framework conditions of transnational transfer. Here you can find a summary of the findings.

Output 2

Map of transfer promotors

The atlas of transfer promotors provides an overview of the actors and institutions that are active in the transfer process (including their competencies and offers) in the tri-national area Germany, Czech Republic and Poland for the first time. In the map, the transfer promotors can be differentiated in colours according to their type of organization. Beside contact details, all transfer promotors present themselves in a professional profile with their services, experience, knowledge and skills.

Output 3

Strategy for a transnational network of transfer promotors

The brochure from the “Strategy for a transnational network of transfer promotors” guides from the vision to the diagnosis, strategic goals and at the end the institutional and financial part.

Output 4

Action plan

The action plan drawn up by the project consortium includes seven fields of activities aiming to promote the transnational collaboration of science and businesses in the monitored region.
These fields derived from the SWOT analysis presented in 2017 and the Strategy for transnational network of transfer promotors.

Output 5


The TRANS³ was carried out twice in November 2017 and October 2018. By covering different
topics of transnational transfer, TRANS³ aims to encourage transfer promotors from all three
regions to become more active in initiating collaboration and transfer activities across borders. It was both
times a two day event with lectures, discussions and workshops. Also a study visit in a local company to
reflect the theoretically learned was in both trainings included.

Output 6

Innovation web platform

Applicable research ideas for innovative products or technologies from research are provided as technology profiles and disseminated via the "innovation web platform".
The technology profiles and their dissemination via internet intend to initiate a first contact between science and economy based on a common content. 
The technology profiles are explicitly formulated from the perspective of economic exploitation. For this purpose, descriptive characteristics are defined which are important from the point of view of the economic sector.

further information on the work of the project, events and results can be found here.

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