The border area between Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland is characterised by a low level of transnational cooperation between science and industry. Thus, the most important aim of TRANS³Net is to shape conditions for building up a well working innovation system in this tri-national region. This objective will be realised by establishing strong ties and a self-sustaining cooperation between ‘transfer promotors’ and further actors of the scientific, economic and public sphere. By involving all key players relevant for knowledge and technology transfer, the project will provide a solution to overcome the multifaceted obstacles concerning transnational cooperation between science and industry. This will contribute on one hand to the success of single economic and research entities, thus, to the economic and social prosperity in the defined area and, in consequence to the improvement of quality of life there. On the other hand, the project will provide a solution which is transferable to other regions and could indeed improve the innovation capacity in all of central Europe. 

Thereby, the establishment of a common understanding of the transfer process (reference model) as well as an analysis of the current transfer situation will be the decisive basis to provide the targeted transparency of national structures, legal arrangements, and innovation-relevant players.

The formation of trustful linkages between these innovation-relevant players will be promoted through piloting various low-threshold event formats. A catalogue with manuals of such transferable pilot actions is provided. Besides a strategy as working basis for a transnational network, a cooperation network model to ensure its continuation is developed. Finally, the project intends to create an agreement between network members as basis for sustainability.

Project´s objective:

Project´s objective

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Map of transfer promoters

The atlas of transfer promotors provides an overview of the actors and institutions that are active in the transfer process (including their competencies and offers) in the tri-national area Germany, Czech Republic and Poland for the first time. In the map, the transfer promotors can be differentiated in colours according to their type of organization. Beside contact details, all transfer promotors present themselves in a professional profile with their services, experience, knowledge and skills.

Map of transfer promotors

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