The European road transport system’s two possible futures:
Mobility proposals on the table threaten to disrupt Europe’s road transport system and drivers’ lives:

The European Commission’s proposals two years ago to improve traffic safety, reduce pollution, cut red tape for businesses and protect road workers led to sharp divisions between EU members over national interests and alleged profit-seeking.

As the legislative process ticks along through changes and difficult evaluations of their ultimate consequences, those differences still persist.

The Commission’s wide-ranging initiatives, published in May 2017, were intended to “make traffic safer, encourage smart road charging, reduce CO2 emissions, air pollution and congestion, cut red tape for businesses, fight illicit employment and ensure proper conditions and rest times for workers.”  The long-term benefits of the so-called Mobility Package I, the Commission claimed, “will extend far beyond the transport sector by promoting growth and job creation, strengthening social fairness, widening consumers’ choices, and firmly putting Europe on the path towards zero emissions.”

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