Did you know that off the coast of the small polish town of Puck there was once one of the biggest harbours in the Baltic Sea?

Did you know that Hallstatt is Europe´s oldest industrial zone?

Did you know that there are non-visible World Heritage sites in the marsh of Ljubljana?

Did you know that there are unique medieval mines beneath the german town of Dippoldiswalde?

Although the rich and diverse archaeological heritage of central Europe is in parts known and excellently researched, a broad share of this heritage, even of international importance, is very often hardly visible and tangible for the public and faces increasing menaces.  The VirtualArch project unveils regional archaeological heritage – located underground or submerged – to local and regional stakeholders that are responsible for economic development. Activities focus on the sustainable use and protection of non-visible and little known archaeological heritage by increasing the capacities of public actors and by introducing innovative visualisation approaches and methods. The project will develop innovative and trendsetting visualisation tools in the field of virtual and augmented reality supporting both development and protection of archaeological heritage. 

Visualisation of Pilot Heritages


Based on the archaeological surveys underground, huge prehistoric mining chambers more than hundred meters deep could be assumed next to modern galleries. Based on a puzzle of archaeological evidence, a  3D model of the Bronze Age mine was reconstructed and visualized using the virtual reality approach. With the help of VR glasses visitors of NHM in Vienna as well as the Salzwelten exhibition in Hallstatt can experience the world of salt mining in Bronze Age and get involved in the ancient workflow by using prehistoric working tools.


Based on an extensive GIS platform including all surveyed points of interest in the huge pilot area a progressive web application was created. The app offers tourists hiking trail suggestions, interactive map and 3D model tools, videos about hidden interiors of mines or an augmented reality app visualising 3D models of typical miner´s working tools. The web application can be downloaded from the panels prepared for the project at the Ecomuseo Argentario and from three panels on the paths of Monte Calisio.

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