Strategic workshop - "Strategic projects supporting development of multimodal freight transport on TRITIA area"

The meeting started with a speech by Ms. Aleksandra Krawucka, Project Manager, who expressed her gratitude for attending, and briefly presented the schedule of the day.

Then Prof. Katarzyna Dohn presented the methodology and results of the SWOT analysis. Her speech started with the interpretation of multimodal and intermodal transport, which are the key concepts for the development strategy of cross-border freight transport.

Professor Dohn presented the process of strategy building, from the analysis of strategic documents, through structural analysis and analysis of key stakeholders, indicating what impact each of these analyses has on the development of the strategy, including the SWOT analysis, which is the result of more than a year's work of project experts. The methodology of work on the construction of the strategy required the involvement of all partners.

Each side presented strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, which were then discussed in a joint workshop. The common elements, the common conditions as well as the differences that also appear in the project area were analysed. Among the common conditions, factors such as: economic growth, ecological aspects, sustainable development, increase in fuel prices, these factors also, of course, cause the development of intermodal transport, the development of intermodal transport is also significantly influenced by the integrated policy of the European Union, the development of road infrastructure, as well as research and development, R&D cooperation and strong development of container technology.