TRANS TRITIA - Work Package 3

During the processing of the TRITIA transport model, traffic flows were broadly analysed within the assessed area. The task of the transport model was to identify the potential transfer of road freight flows to the more environmentally friendly modes of transport (rail and inland waterway). All that in order to verify the achievement of the objectives of the White Paper: removal 30% of road freight over 300 km to the alternative modes. Based on this reason, the infrastructure transport model of the TRITIA territory was processed for the basic calibration year 2020, from which the forecast of development by 2030 (zero status) was derived.
Within the framework of the 2030 forecast, was considered with the natural development of TRITIA territory and transport infrastructure based on the basis of planned strategic projects within individual regions. Through detailed traffic surveys at the CZ-SK, SK-PL and CZ-PL border crossings and also by profile measurements, it was acquired the data base, which served to define the potential transfers from road freight transport.
The transport model was processed in 4 main reports that form part of the activity:

1) TRITIA transport model methodology,
2) TRITIA transport model zero scenario,
3) TRITIA transport model alternative scenarios,
4) TRITIA region implementation plan.

The transport model results were the identification of infrastructure bottlenecks in the Žilina, Moravian-Silesian and Silesian and Opole Voivodeship, which are not addressed within the planned strategic documents, and the structure of the redistribution of potential road traffic over 200-300 km to alternative modes.