Work package T2 - Tool development and consensus building

Within this work package a set of guidelines, practical information and training material will be developed and presented to the potential beneficiaries. It is going to be very valuable material especially for the future similar projects that will follow our example.

Main outputs in this part of the project are: Decision support tool, Educational outdoor and Handbook on Landscape accessible for all. Clarification follows in the text below! 

Decision Support Tool

This output is going to provide guidelines for the process of self-evaluation and use of cultural heritage as a resource for possible development. It will determine the most promising places and their protection. 

Educational Outdoor Trail Tool

Educational outer trail tool is going to be produced as an on line manual which will present and give instruction how to implement different outdoor trail tools in historic castle parks. It will take in consideration different types of audiences and addressed fields.

Handbook on Landscape accessible for all

Main point of this output is to describe most appropriate and effective tools to use in historical parks to improve access to them and to make them accessible to people with different kind of disabilities. It is going to be published as a transnational e-handbook.