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This section provides potential applicants with information about open calls for project proposals. The next call will be launched at the annual conference in Berlin on 21 September 2017. Details such as the call procedure, thematic focusing and timeline will be discussed and decided by the Member States in June 2017. Closure of the call will depend on the outcome of these discussions but it will stay open at least until the end of the year.

Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE co-finances transnational partnerships that jointly address challenges shared across central European cities and regions - related to either innovation, CO2 reduction, natural and cultural resources or transport.

Cartoon figures preparing an application

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 What and who we are looking for

We are looking for ideas that address shared challenges in various cities and regions in central Europe. Such transnational partnerships can be formed by both public and private organisations from all governance levels. Full applications have to be submitted in either a one- or two-step procedure (depending on call) and will be thoroughly assessed before the programme monitoring committee takes a funding decision.

For an overview of already funded projects and new project ideas, please join the free Interreg CE Community at an early stage. More detailed information on an upcoming call will then be published in an application package at the opening of a call. We will also offer national and transnational support measures including events and trainings as well as individual consultations for project ideas. 

Infographic: 8 steps from idea to partnership

8 steps from idea to partnership

We illustrated some of the basic tips on how to develop your interreg CENTRAL EUROPE project idea and partnership.

Online application

If you decide to apply with us in the next call, you will have to submit your application online through our e-platform. As our projects will later also be monitored through this e-platform, we call it electronic monitoring system (eMS). In addition to guidance provided in the application package, the eMS also provides basic explanations on the various sections of the application form.