Communication seminar for second and third call projects 

9-10 September 2019

Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE invites communication managers from second and third call projects to a communication seminar in Budapest. The two-day seminar (lunch-to-lunch) will offer a mix of theory and hands-on practice to effectively communicate transnational cooperation projects.

Participants will find out what the ingredients of effective project communications are and how to shake them up in an attractive and effective way. After expert presentations, participants will discuss with thematically related participants and work on a set of exercises that will help them to communicate better. 

The seminar will take place is Hotel Novotel Danube in Budapest. 

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CIVITAS Forum 2019

2-4 October 2019

This year's location of Graz marks something of a CIVITAS homecoming - the very first Forum took place there in 2003. Yet mobility moves fast. The reality in Graz now is vastly different to 16 years ago, like in many cities across Europe. But how and why have things changed in this time? What role has the CIVITAS play in this? What must be done to ensure a continued transition towards sustainable, safe and connected mobility?

To examine these crucial questions, the CIVITAS Forum 2019 has chosen to go 'back to the future' and look at the interplay between new technology and classic mobility solutions in the present day. 

Join us at the Interreg stand and learn more about how are our projects better connecting CENTRAL EUROPE and how they contribute to the more sustainable mobility in our cities.

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European Week of Regions and Cities

7-10 October 2019

The European Week of Regions and Cities (#EURegionsWeek) is an annual Brussels-based event in which officials from public administrations, as well as experts and academics, exchange good practices and know-how in the field of regional and urban development.

#cooperationiscentral for European regions and cities

We believe that #cooperationiscentral to make regions and cities more attractive and we will be part of the #EURegionsWeek! Don´t miss out our sessions:

Both sessions are Idea lab workshops discussing cooperation achievements and the future orientation of transnational #Interreg in central Europe, and other trans-European areas. 

What is in there for you in central Europe?

This year, the European regions, cities and their stakeholders are asking themselves about what kind of cooperation and in which areas is needed. We, at CENTRAL EUROPE have asked experts to analyse territorial challenges, needs and potentials of transnational cooperation in this functional area. In our Idea lab session on Wednesday, practitioners and policy makers will share their views and ideas on future orientation of the programme.

What is the future of Interreg transnational cooperation?

In the joint transnational Interreg Idea lab workshop on Thursday, we will have a look at the impact of Interreg and specifically on what role the transnational cooperation can play to take regions forward in three topics: entrepreneurship, energy efficiency and risk management. We will feature examples of Interreg cooperation projects presented in the summer edition of the Panorama Magazine (page 10-18) and invite all the stakeholders to round table discussion to shape future of cooperation in the pre-selected topics. 

Interested? Join our sessions and register through the EURegionsWeek website. The registration closes on 27 September!

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