New funding Available

On 15 November 2021, we have launched a new call for project proposals. This first call of the new programme supports organisations to cooperate on common challenges of central European regions and cities. All key information about our first call and how to apply with us is  available on our website.

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Introduction to new funding


How to get funded

Do you want to improve your city or region and need support for realising your idea? Do you want to find out whether we can help you? Or are you already thinking of applying with us but do not know what steps to take? Learn more about our transnational funding and how to apply with us in six simple steps.

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Q&A Webinar With Focus On Jems

4 February 2022 | 10.00 - 11.30

At the end of January, we are planning to launch our electronic submission system. On 4 February, we will organise a dedicated Q&A webinar for your questions related to this platform. More information will be announced soon.

Date and time might be subject to change.


21 january 2022

New Support tools available for our applicants 

We have published two new support tools for applicants to our first call. The summary generator will help you write a convincing summary of your project proposal. And, if you are still looking for existing results to build your project on, the list of results from Horizon2020 could be a good start.
Download the tools                           

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26 November 2021

NEW TUTORIALS on our first call out now

If you want to get more familiar with our first call, have a look at our video tutorials. They guide you through the process of designing your intervention logic, developing a good project work plan including communications. They also address the planning of a sound budget and State aid.
Watch now                                    

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 01 October 2021


Join your host Shahidha Bari for a new season of "This Is Europe". Across the series you will hear how the Interreg community works with everyone from refugees to reuse pioneers, musicians to doctors, forging stronger bonds across borders, tackling issues such as food sustainability and green mobility.
Listen now                                    

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