About the project
The understanding of new technologies varies among the academia, industry and governments of central European countries. CEUP 2030 strives for excellence in policy making on Industry 4.0/Advanced Manufacturing in this region. Using the outputs and results of Interreg cooperation and Horizon 2020 research projects, they will create a comprehensive innovation system for policy making to set best-in-class structures and processes. They will generate stable innovation networks and thus streamline emerging knowledge with policy building in a regional context.
An upstreaming process is designed to meet the challenges & needs of available, high-quality innovation know-how in the CE area, which lacks sufficient cooperation & structure to really add-value at a policy-level & limits the competitive potential of connected regions. Transnational, multi-level learning supports regions to overcome this challenge. 
Main results to be achieved
CEUP 2030 enhances the CE innovation eco system by establishing a sound Trend & Innovation Network scheme working on 4 common CAMI4.0 topics and set policy pilot actions for improving the innovation landscape with the RIS3 Round Tables. Furthermore, trainings in the Policy Learning Labs & the elaborated tech radars (in the Policy Intelligence Dashboard) also increase the innovation capacity.
The status-quo is shifted through intensive, mutual triple-helix stakeholders learning, common EU-wide tech trend monitoring, to gain & streamline emerging knowledge & policy building in a regional & CE/EU context. 

Synergies, long term use

CEUP 2030 synergises the outputs & results of 6 CE/H2020 twin projects & sets strong links to jointly & consistently implement them & emerging spin-off projects. The project sets a unique innovation system approach for regional & transnational policy making with high practical relevance. Joint future robust strategies for 2021-2027 and action plans push innovation in a long-term view but with immediate proven test cases to check the relevance for practice. CEUP 2030 involves 30 CE/EU regions and 100 stakeholders from different target groups directly in the project work and addresses at least 250 further ones via conferences.

CEUP 2030

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WP T1: ENABLE! CEUP 2030 partnership for an efficient & effective use of knowledge resources

WP T2: UPGRADE! CEUP 2030 partnership for establishing sustainable structures and processes

WP T3: PROMOTE! CEUP 2030 partnership for fostering aligned policies and strategies

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