The Carpathians belong to the most important European eco-regions. Biodiversity loss and increasing pressures threaten their outstanding natural values. Traditional approaches to resource management and nature conservation are no longer sufficient to guarantee long-lasting economic benefits and the provision of ecosystem services.

The Centralparks project aims to reconcile nature conservation and local socio-economic development, as well as to ensure the support and better involve local communities. 

Policy support documents and tools, tailored for decision-makers and protected area managers will focus on enhancing biodiversity and landscape conservation, local sustainable tourism development, integrated nature conservation planning, habitat evaluation and communication with local communities.

Partners in Centralparks will facilitate the harmonisation of measures undertaken in border areas and transboundary-protected areas with the aim to have common strategies endorsed by the Carpathian Convention. This should facilitate their uptake to the policy level and their implementation in the long-term.

More information will follow soon.