Responsible innovation promotes societal engagement, gender equality, ethics, open access, risk-assessment, education and good governance. Central European countries lack knowledge, skills and policy frameworks to encourage responsible innovation. This shortage limits the overall potential for innovation and ultimately threatens responsible economic growth and well-being.
The ROSIE project aims to improve skills among entrepreneurs and innovation actors to promote responsible innovation in companies. The project will also develop and test tools and training to improve capacity to implement innovation responsibly.

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3rd ROSIE Project meeting

8 October 2018, Milan (Italy)

1st ROSIE Study Visit

9 October 2018, Milan (Italy)

During this session good practices and case studies on the successful application of specific tools (i.e. living labs, assessment tools) to select and adopt RI will be introduced. EU-funded projects active in the field of RI will be invited to participate, together with SMEs that will present their experiences.

ROSIE Mid-term Event

9 October 2018, Milan (Italy)

See the agenda of the ROSIE Mid-term Event.

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Project Duration

Start Date

July 2017

End Date

June 2020

Project Partners

Project ROSIE has 11 partners from 8 countries and 5 associated partners.