Central European regions face challenges related to long-term unemployment as well as difficulties in integrating disadvantaged groups into the labour market. The SIV project will introduce a novel instrument to increase the capacities of social enterprises and public stakeholders to leverage private capital for solving social challenges of unemployment.

The project partnership includes social enterprises, non-profit organisations and competence centres, who will jointly test the initiation of “Social Impact Funds” to make use of private capital for integrating disadvantaged groups into the labour market. 

Based on a voucher system, the project will also develop capacities for an incentive system for companies to hire long-term unemployed people. Building on these pilot activities, the partners will give guidance to stakeholders on how to create the necessary capacities and abilities to replicate both the “Social Impact Fund” and the voucher system.

What is our project about:

Integrating disadvantaged groups into the labour market with novel ''social'' instruments, in the following way

  • Installation of a fund with private capital in increasing the capacities of social enterprises, non-profit organizations and competence centers
  • Financing an incentive system, based on a Voucher System with following means: either vouchers for unemployed persons or incentives for the enterprises
  • Implementation of a platform to bring needs of unemployed people and companies together under the leadership of the Social Enterprise Neue Arbeit gGmbH, which is based in Stuttgart, Germany – in cooperation with 10 partners in 8 countries.

Project Partners

Project SIV has 11 partners from 8 central European countries.

Project Duration

Start Date

March 2019

End Date

february 2022