The Orient/East-Med TEN-T corridor connects central and south-east Europe. A crucial bottleneck of emerging relevance is the Dresden-Prague section, which needs to be extended by a new railway line to improve the connectivity between German seaports and destinations in particular in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

The detailed planning process of the new railway line will start in 2018 and is expected to be finalised by 2023. To capitalise on the opportunities of the infrastructure investment for multi-modal environmentally friendly freight, the CORCAP project aims to realise activities for a better coordination of stakeholders in the field of transport and spatial planning. This will contribute to the creation of more efficient rail freight transport in central Europe.

To this end, the partners will develop “Corridor Capitalisation Plans” to facilitate the interaction of regional development and transport infrastructure development in the participating regions. Considering operational requirements of multimodal logistics locations and transport services, these plans add value to all TEN-T corridors. Additionally, practical steps towards more sustainable freight transport will be taken through quality improvements and better use of existing infrastructure. By improving the connectivity of intermodal hubs and inland ports and the investigation of new intermodal services, tangible benefits for more efficient freight transport will be delivered.

More information will follow soon.