Dynamic Light aims at creating and spreading the importance of providing light not only when it is needed but by whom, at what time and for what duration.

The project demonstrates the how-to-do of a process of how a city can get an energy efficient lighting, starting from the idea, analysis, GIS dataining, strategy development, financial models, procurement rules, implementation and evaluation. This goes hand in hand with pilot demonstration investments to increase the acceptance of energy-efficient lighting among end users and town planners by improving the quality f dynamic light and adapting it to social needs. The project will explore different public lighting situations that are typical for European municipalities.

 The core idea is that the technical aspect of lighting needs to be better connected to urban planning aspects in order to adapt it to technological possibilities. 

Especially innovative is that dynamic light shall be applied to optimize the lighting design of public spaces, reduce light sources and light intensity in order to lower light pollution and energy consumption. The project will develop parameters for dynamic light (brightness, colour, light scattering, glare) that meet the social needs (safety, visual identity, attractive city areas, reduction of light pollution). It will test its performance at different urban area types to adjust the technological standards and regulations to dynamic lighting to better utilize the so far unused potentials of it. The project will lay the foundations for more controllable and higher quality lighting solutions with enhanced visual performance and improved ambience and safety of urban environments across Europe.

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Dynamic light

Start Date

1 June 2016

End Date

31 May 2019